The Boys Got In Trouble

Growing up, did you have a squad? I did. My mom would call us a motley crew. There was Benji, Chris, Justin, and me. We thought we owned the town. We slept at each other's houses almost every weekend and played PlayStation until sunrise. We built dirt jumps and BMX courses in the woods to practice our skills because we all wanted to qualify for the X Games. We terrorized the neighborhood screaming down the streets on minibikes. There is more, but, honestly, I'm a little scared to put it in writing. You never know who might read this blog.
One of our craziest exploits happened on a Sunday night after prayer meeting. There was one stained glass window in the church that was, let's say, a bit controversial. Many people didn't like the window, but no one would do anything about it. So, we decided we would take matters into our own hands. Under the cover of night, we tied a rock to the end of a long piece of PVC pipe, hid behind the bushes, and shattered the window.
When someone finally realized it was broken, an investigation began, and we were suspect number one. We had a bit of a reputation. But even under the heat of the lights and the pressure of interrogation, we never cracked. We never gave each other up. And we never actually got in trouble. In fact, this is probably the first written confession of the crime (I assume the statute of limitations is up).
Tomorrow is about David's crew. We'll hear about some of their most incredible exploits, and learn about what is really important in life. Looking at David's warriors will help us know how to live a life of significance.
Plus, join us for communion, and everyone who attends tomorrow we get a free book. I can't wait to worship with you!
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