Basketball Nights 2024

July 8-12

Watch Highlights from Basketball Nights 2023!

Basketball Nights is...

Basketball Nights is a free week-long program for kids which brings communities together around the joy of basketball, promoting athletic skill, and character development from the Bible. 

Athletic Skill

Players receive basketball instruction from a highly qualified volunteer coaching staff. Through skill work, team-building exercises, scrimmages, and games, Basketball Nights seeks to teach the technical skills of the game as well as to improve overall physical fitness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Character Development

Basketball Nights works to instill life skills and create opportunities for character development for its players and volunteers by integrating hard work, team building, goal-setting, and encouragement into the program. Plus every night they'll learn about having good character from a short Bible story. 

Neighborhood Unity

Basketball Nights is designed to build relationships and bring together people from diverse backgrounds. We desire to create a welcoming, friendly environment that fosters diverse and meaningful relationships.

Free T-Shirt For The First 100 Registrations!

Look at these Celtics inspired shirts for Basketball Nights 2024!

This year we are so excited to partner with Trinity Point Church to provide free t-shirts, water bottles, and draw string backpacks for each player. Make sure when you register to include all the sizes you will need for each player you are registering.

Security and Safety

A Safe Environment

We strive to keep your children safe and cared for. All our volunteers and staff are trained and thoroughly screened. Our court is a safe space for everyone.

Safe Check-In

You can rest assured after you drop off your kids that they'll be safe. Through our safe check-in, we can contact you in any emergency.

For All Kids

Kids of all abilities will be cared for, loved, and encouraged.

Mozart Park

Ages: 1st - 8th Grade
Date: July 8-12, 2024
Location: Mozart Park in Jamaica Plain
Time: 6 P.M. - 8 P.M.
Cost: Free