The Boys Got In Trouble
by Ivey Rhodes on July 6th, 2024
Growing up, did you have a squad? I did. My mom would call us a motley crew. There was Benji, Chris, Justin, and me. We thought we owned the town.  Read More
How Do You Want to Be Remembered?
by Ivey Rhodes on June 29th, 2024
Death is the one reality we will all face, but we don't really like to think about it. Some people will not attend funerals or even talk about the possibility of death. Yet, while we try not to linger on our deaths, we all want to leave a legacy. We want to live a life we're proud of, and we hope people will remember us fondly... Unlike the two subjects of this week's email.  Read More
These People Got What They Deserved
by Ivey Rhodes on June 22nd, 2024
There is something really satisfying about seeing someone get what they deserve. It's even better if the just deserts are somewhat comical. I have compiled some of my favorite fictional moments of people receiving their deserved consequences.  Read More
Some Father's Day Laughs
by Ivey Rhodes on June 15th, 2024
Children are wonderful. Some of the greatest joys I have ever experienced have been because of my kids. But let's face it, being a parent is hard.  Read More
When You Can't Forgive Yourself
by Ivey Rhodes on June 7th, 2024
Last night's family movie night was Godzilla Minus One. If you have yet to see this Academy Award-winning film, it is worth a watch.  Read More
You Either Die a Hero Or...
by Ivey Rhodes on June 1st, 2024
The greatest superhero movie ever is The Dark Knight, and it's not even close. One of the most memorable lines from the movie comes from the ace district attorney Harvey Dent. Dent says, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Harvey Dent was the hope of Gotham City. He was the legal hero that Batman could never be. Harvey was supposed to turn crime-riddled ...  Read More
We Make Plans... God Laughs?
by Ivey Rhodes on May 25th, 2024
If you grew up in church you are probably familiar with the old church van. I am not sure if it was a denominational requirement or just built into the fabric of the universe, but every church had one. I am sure they were bought new at some point, but you never saw a new one. They were all barely running death traps that ran on hopes and prayers. Every ride may be your last. If you think I'm exagg...  Read More
The Naked Truth About Worship
by Ivey Rhodes on May 18th, 2024
King David is one of the most important figures in the Bible. There are several well-known stories about him, and not all of them are good. But one of the characteristics of David that God treasured most was that he was a man after God's own heart. This made him a worshiper. While worship is more than music, it is not less than music, and David was a prolific songwriter. He wrote almost half of th...  Read More
Google Maps Changed the Game
by Ivey Rhodes on May 11th, 2024
Yesterday, Allie and I were reminiscing about how half our honeymoon was spent driving around lost. Seriously, my sense of direction is admittedly, not great. To complicate the problem, we had to look at actual physical maps made of paper to get where we were trying to go.  Read More
The Best Movie Trilogy of All Time
by Ivey Rhodes on May 3rd, 2024
Because it is May the 4th, I couldn't not write about Star Wars. I am a huge Star Wars fan. I've seen every movie many times (Except for The Last Jedi, that movie is hot garbage). I've seen the prequels and original movies more than I dare admit. They are great movies, and in some opinions, the original movies are the greatest trilogy of all time.  Read More
Is That What Mom Actually Said?
by Ivey Rhodes on April 27th, 2024
Did your parents ever ask you to deliver a message to your siblings? Maybe they wanted the trash taken out or their room cleaned. Whatever the reason, I was never more drunk on power than when I carried a message from my parents.  Read More
Can We Trust the Bible?
by Ivey Rhodes on April 19th, 2024
I wanted to tell you about an amazing opportunity that came my way. You probably will not believe this, but a real-life prince emailed me Me, of all people. He said he chose me because of my sterling reputation and impressive résumé. I was so honored.  Read More